Ligatures to Lichen was created by Lynne Baggett as a means to present research, images, and foster dialog between experts and enthusiasts from multiple fields on the subject of early incised letterforms found on stone grave markers.

The idea for this project began at an ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) lecture presented in Brighton, UK by Lynne and William Baggett in 2007, which featured research from grave markers from the British Isles c16-18 centuries. Further discussion with Sumner Stone and Mathew Carter at the conference revealed a mutual interest; in particular, the documentation of idiosyncrasies that exist in incised letterforms, and their historical significance in typographic design history.

With ongoing contributions from myself, William Baggett, Nicholas Benson, Matthew Carter, Laurel K. Gabel, Paul Shaw, and Sumner Stone, (co-collaborators and designers who have enjoyed their own typographic ramblings through the lichen) the ligs2lichen blog has evolved to encompass grave markers from New England, surrounding states, and sites within the British Isles.

As research is documented, updated, and dialog expanded, this blog will serve as an important resource for those who share an interest in the unique characteristics of incised letterforms created by the early stonemason.

If you are looking to follow the images featured in the exhibition Letterform Characters: From Stone Carver to Type Designer at the LSU Libraries Special Collections (Oct 9, 2017 – February 17, 2018), select Exhibition (also located in the tag section below right).

One Response to Welcome

  1. ligs2lichen says:

    Welcome to the blog!
    This blog will serve as a central location for dialog, assembly of material. I have uploaded material from the last few summers in New England, surrounding states and the UK. With additional input from co-contributors (see bios) this is will be an ongoing research forum where I will continue uploading images as new cemetery sites are visited. Please feel free to reply or comment on posts.

    Best Regards. Lynne Baggett. lynnebaggett@att.net

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